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torsdag, 14 nov 2019

Freelance Journalist & Photographer

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Thor-Ivar Guldberg is working as a freelance Journalist and Photographer for Norwegian media in and from London.


Feel free to get in touch on this e-mail address:



Thor-Ivar Guldberg has worked for newspapers, magazines and national radio & TV for many years. He has also worked as an employed and self-employed consultant in the communications industry, and he has long experience with publication on the internet and intranet as well.


If you are a UK based media that needs assistance from a Norwegian media man, also with experience from other relevant areas, please make contact today at the same e-mail address.


Also get in touch if you want him to write articles about Norwegian matters in English, or if you want an article about or from the Norwegian community in London. He also provide pictures together with the text, if desired.